January 11th, 2006

Thursday, January 12

Panel 1: Well, wow; Mike's actually excusing himself! Celebrity Food Fight, though? Well, to each his own; I watch American Idol and I vote on it. Meanwhile, Mira's lurking in the background. There's trouble afoot, I tells ya!

Panel 2: Oh, of course Mira has to have the big caboose. And to be fair, I'm not sure where Mira gets "us", since she's the one who announced that it would be women in the kitchen, men in the living room.

Panel 3: Well, Mike, you're the wordsmith. Speak up if Mira is being so unfair. But of course, he doesn't have to, because it's Deanna to the rescue.

Panel 4: The deadline/lifeline gag has been used before, albeit years ago. And once again, the reprimand comes from the wrong quarter, so Mike can continue to be a martyr. We've just been told that Writing Is His Life, so now Deanna is back to having no case for telling him to get out of his own little world. I mean, Greg Evans gets a certain amount of flak for hitting the reset button (i.e., reverting back to the previous characterizations and situations) after a prolonged story arc. But Lynn does him one better by resetting during story arcs. Deanna says Mike spends too much time in the attic. Mike objects. Mira says Mike spends too much time in the attic, and Deanna, now perfectly okay with Mike's absence, defends him.

I wonder, though, why Deanna thanks Mike for spending time with Wilf. Did he really do something so wonderful, or is Wilf evil by associating with Mira? ETA: And why is Mike's head on Elly's body?