January 6th, 2006

Saturday, January 7

Panel 1: "Goodbye"?!?! You mean Elly's not making her bi-annual visit to Mtig? Well, I guess not, since she's successfully pimped Liz: her work is done.

Panel 2: April looks five in this panel. And that's a good question, one that I'm not sure any of us have asked: is she in Mtig for the long haul, or what?

Panel 3: Oh, man! April is more in the dark than anyone about Liz's love life! Still, as has been said, Liz is wise to keep her own counsel.

Panel 4: Okay...

Panel 5: So does that mean her profile is accurate, that she wants to marry "a guy like Dad"? And April looks stunned. Does she think Liz is cutting in on her action with John? (Ick, ugh, ack...)