January 5th, 2006

Friday, January 6

Panel 1: Liz is wearing her glasses again! I'm glad to see that, really. I never liked it that Liz supposedly only started to blossom when she got contacts, while Elly getting "framed" was supposedly another sign of her decline into middle-aged frumpiness. Glasses are not a deformity to be avoided at all costs, for heaven's sake. And furthermore, if Liz wears the bun to look older and more professional, why wouldn't she wear her glasses for the same purpose?

Meanwhile, I'm surprised it's apparently the same day, judging by April still wearing the Cossack outfit. And that Bride of Frankenstein hair also has to go.

Panel 2: Ha! Can we call it, or what?

Panel 3: :::singing::: Whatever Lola wants/Lola gets...

Panel 4: Oh, ugh. I don't WANNA know what John will say. I don't want to know what he'll think. I don't want to read about his reaction in the monthly letters.

Panel 5: Well, color me surprised! And pleased. I think this is the very first time we've seen John making any judgment call on the appropriateness of what April wears. He never batted an eyelash about her wearing midriff shirts, or a strapless gown to gr*d, and the battle of the pole-dancer dress was all about Elly. So it seemed that, while, he wants Liz to dress like a nun, anything and everything April wanted to wear was just fine. Way to get involved, John! (No, not THAT kind of involved!)