January 3rd, 2006

Wednesday, January 4

"An'"s: Five.

Panel 1: Ah, so April's chickens have come home to roost! I have to give the Lynnions a tiny bit of credit for following up on the foreshadowing (remember, from the strip where we met Eva)? However, April looks like those odds she projected suddenly seem a lot shorter. BTW, what is she wearing, a Cossack costume? Does she do ballet all of a sudden and performed in the Nutcracker? (Wouldn't surprise me, the amount of stuff we don't hear about.)

Panel 2: Aha! The ol' Stare of Truth! Anyway, April and Liz are roughly the same height (and have the same butt) so it's reasonable that they could wear the same stuff. Another tiny bit of praise to the Lynnions, for not making April a dwarf like they've been doing for so long.

Panel 3: Hee!

Panel 4: Jeez! What a weird angle! What a weird pose! What a weird answer! Although if this is still NYDay and she's still hungover, I can relate to that feeling: having to think about what you're thinking. ;)

Panel 5: But when did they ever really fight? What I remember is, April would run roughshod over Liz, Elly or John would tell Liz to go easy on her precious baby sister who could do no wrong, and Liz would go away fuming. Maybe a cold shoulder will finally get the message across to April that she can't cute her way out of everything.