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The Top Ten Characters Lynn Doesn't Realize Are Underdogs - Number 10

Now, as I explained on the posts howtheduck is writing, there are ten characters who are clearly underdogs but not seen as such by Lynn and her acolytes because they made the mistake of getting in the Patterson family's way. Lynn sees picky-faces and creeps for much the same way DC Comics' god of child abuse Granny Goodness calls the Justice League bullies: they impede the plans of a collection of reckless assholes who think they're smarter than everyone else.

We're about to see off the tenth member of said list in a few months' time: Martha McRae. As we all know, she was caught between the Scylla of Mike's paranoia and refusal to understand her feelings and Elly's jealousy and contempt for anyone who likes to make herself look nice. We eventually get churlish blithering from Mike that suggests that her ending up fat and divorced is the bitter fruit of not putting up with his weak-ass bullshit but that, friends, is akin to Phil's hope that Connie die insane and miserable because his own presence was only an option: the hebephrenic ranting of an immature mind afraid of blaming itself.

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