December 30th, 2005

Saturday, December 31

Happy New Year, everybody!

Panel 1: Okay, this is New Years'? No, just saying goodnight after Christmas dinner. Mike an' Dee with a kid each, and Mira in the foreground looking surprisingly serene. That's something else I'm not clear on: how and why she stopped being Evil!Mira. Maybe since the Kelpfroths were introduced as the new villains, so Mira became tolerable since she no longer had to be a source of friction?

Panel 2: Okay, John's brushing his teeth and Elly's putting on her Anti-Sex Nightgown. I feel a "how lucky we all are...GOODNIGHT!" speech coming on. Although, judging by how far forward John is leaning, it seems that for a change, he's the one avoiding physical contact. Also, the bubbles in the air might indicate vigorous brushing, or just sloppiness.

Panel 3: Buh? They look eerily like Liz and Mike! Which is a really unpleasant thought, being as they're getting into bed and all. And I am soooooooo sick of this "I hate change!" theme. Change and growth are what make life interesting, dammit!

Panel 4: Time for what, I wonder? Mike's young, and we all know where his time goes...

Panel 5: Well, roll me in cornmeal and fry me for breakfast! Elly is ACCEPTING a romantic/sexual overture! Maybe that's why Mira looks so happy in panel 1! She put some kind of aphrodisiac in Elly's wine, thinking, "If she gets even just one good night with Dr. John, maybe she'll keep that potato nose out of other peoples' business!" (Of course, that would require Mira knowing more about pharmaceuticals than her pharmacist daughter does, but a blind squirrel probably knows more than Deanna does.)