December 29th, 2005

Friday, December 30

Panel 1: Okay, he's kissing her cheek and she has tears in her eyes. This is the kind of visual that has to be clarified by clear, succinct wording. (ETA so I can be clear and succinct as well.) Is she crying because it's goodbye for now, goodbye forever, because she's finally coming to grips with the rejection she felt while she was not-hearing from him, because she's torn between him and Paul ---WHAT?! That statement, "promised to keep in touch...but I doubt that we will," does not flow naturally from the previous strips. We still don't know how Warren presented his offer of a ride (as a friend, a boyfriend, a guy making a booty call?), but yesterday, he was insisting that he and Liz have enough of a commitment that her involvment with Paul is a betrayal.

But today, it looks like they're saying goodbye only because of the LDR factor, not because Paul has replaced Warren in Liz's affections. Did she say flat-out that she and Paul are an item now, or did she confine the discussion to Warren's absence? And why would they promise to keep in touch now, when if Warren had kept in touch all along, Liz would not have considered herself free to hook up with Paul? Is Liz capable of getting and sticking to a point AT ALL?!

Panel 2: Deanna looks awfully wistful, as if she wishes she had a second (well, third, really) shot at choosing. And what makes this particularly romantic? What if it was the other way around -- would it make any difference? Since we don't know much about the personality of either suitor, and their professions are not vastly different (both having that macho, lone-wolf thing going on), she might as well be choosing between the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Panel 3: Oh brother. Should have known he'd say that. Ten bucks he either wheedles her into letting him, or just does it anyway without permission. And what's there to write about, anyway? Liz doesn't give enough concrete info for a column, let alone a story/novel/play or whatever Mike thinks he's capable of. That said, maybe I don't blame Liz for being so secretive: no one in her family seems to have a shred of respect for her privacy.

Panels 4-5: Well, who didn't see that punchline coming. And I love how John is suddenly alert, now that he has a glass in his hand.

So there's only tomorrow and the next day to get Liz to a NYE party. We shall see...