December 28th, 2005

Thursday, December 29

Panel 1: What th...Okay, so this is the helo ride from, presumably, White River to Milborough or thereabouts. As glad as I am to actually hear the dialogue, I cannot understand why we went from real time to an obvious flashback to this implied flashback. This strip is becoming schizophrenic. ETA: And since we already know that Warren will lose this argument, there's no tension and very little purpose!

And how dare Warren sound like that, like he's accusing Liz! Also, I've never been in a helicopter, so fill me in: would they be shouting over the rotor and other noise?

Panel 2: Okay, I'll point out the obvious: that it could be either of them "dating other women". And OMG, I don't know whether to classify that as sick, like Warren is picturing Liz while he's physically "with" these other women, or merely a double standard: he can get his ashes hauled, but Liz is not even allowed to date. And judging by the motion lines, it appears that Warren didn't even wait until they'd reached crusing altitude to start this! ETAAgain: And I forgot to mention that we've got another of those flat clouds.

Panel 3: I can't link to a photo, but Warren looks sooooooo much like Rod Johnston when he was the "flying dentist"! Which makes me wonder what his ultimate role really is supposed to be. Meanwhile, he writes to her? I don't remember that being mentioned. Not saying it never was, but I don't remember it.

Panel 4: Well, I wouldn't have fallen back on a cliche, but yeah. Either show up once in a while, in your magical, land-anywhere flying machine, or at least communicate in your messages (letters? Emails?) that you're taking this whatever-it-is seriously. Paul may be obsessed, but at least he's made the most of the short time he's known Liz.