December 26th, 2005

Tuesday, December 27

Panel 1: ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH! Settle in, everybody: we're about to be Told, Not Shown! Liz looks pretty darn curvaceous, for once, while Deanna looks very much like Connie. And of COURSE "the women" are the ones doing the dishes...

Panel 2: Amazing -- Deanna didn't put "drop in" in quotes! And oh, yeah, right: Warren likes Liz a lot. Yeah, just can't stop with the phone calls and emails. Liz looks Botoxed, and that sudden hi-res view of Dee's blouse is jarring.

Panel 3: Uh, yeah. Interesting question to ask Deanna of all people...

Panel 4: Oh, that's so FUNNEE! I LOVE Deanna's coquettish look: sure, she's effectively a single mom, but it's, like, charming! Why does Mike look like that, I wonder? (Not to mention, where did he come from so suddenly?)

So we DON'T KNOW, and will probably NEVER KNOW, what happened between Warren/Liz/Paul, or between Liz and Warren during the helo ride and afterwards. Just incidentally, someone recently quit the Yahoo! group because they thought people were being all mean and stuff, complaining about stuff in the strip they didn't like.