December 23rd, 2005

Saturday, December 24

Hi this is Cookie Monster, Cookie77 is working late tonight. She wanted me to tell you to post her comments here and Merry Christmas to everyone.


Okay, I'm back!

Panel 1: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Warren really CAN land his helo anywhere! And Paul takes the words out of just about everyone's mouth. The thing is, really, this wouldn't be so hard to swallow if Liz wasn't presented as such a naif. A more worldly attitude would be in keeping with her having both a helo pilot and a cop on the string. As it is, it's hard to believe that someone who basically has the schoolmarm persona is associated with adventurous people.

Panel 2: That's still not the right thing to say, Liz. It's not how often you see each other; it's how you feel about each of them. Meanwhile, that's a car-interior angle we don't see too often, if at all. And Paul looks ill.

Panel 3: Well, okay, some kind of confirmation! But OMG, that's almost the Nelson/Jeanette pose!

Panel 4: What does he mean, "who I think it is"? I can't even be sure who he is! Anyway, how many blonde women are likely to get out of cars right by his improvised airfield?

Panel 5: Ooh, somebody's gonna get slugged! And I hope it's Warren. He's been sniffing more than engine fumes if he thinks he still has any kind of claim on Liz.