December 21st, 2005

Thursday, December 22

Panel 1: Oh, man, this guy's an artist. He sets up the strawman of his sounding stupid, so Liz has to reassure him that no, it wasn't stupid, and while she's doing that, she'll neglect to say "corny", "needy", "obsessive", or any of what we've been saying.

Panel 2: Oh Lord...

Panel 3: Well, thank heavens he didn't say the L-word. But Liz is looking very stern all of a sudden. Now why does she want him to pull over -- so they can consummate the relationship? (Ha ha, I kid, I kid.)

Panel 4: Oh! Well! But still, this doesn't resolve the dilemma of Warren. Unless the idea is to get Paul so secure in their commitment that he won't be jealous. So then it'll be Warren who feels threatened.