December 19th, 2005

Tuesday, December 20

Panel 1: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Okay, first of all, wouldn't Vancouver be long distance from Mtig? As already mentioned, everywhere is long distance from Mtig. Imagine: the Queen of Pointless Dialogue putting down Bill Watterson.

However. However. I do have to give Lynn props for once. A complication that's not in the character's own head. A loose end being pulled up to create an interesting plot development. Amazing. Kudos to Lynn and the Lynnions (for now) and props to all the posters who speculated about this.

Panel 2: That's a nice visual: the pilot (complete with prop-wash hair) talking earnestly on the phone in front of a rain-swept window.

Panel 3: I wonder why she doesn't go in another room; it's cordless, after all. Gary and Viv don't seem to be losing an ear over this, though. And probably she's learned to use the Mtig logic that if you act secretive, people will know that there's something TO know.

Panel 4: Uh...What should you tell PAUL? You tell WARREN, Mr. No-Contact-For-Months-On-End, that you have a previous arrangement! Don't flippin' tell me that Liz Still Has Feelings for Warren, who is, after all, another Long Distance Relationship, and that they supercede her feelings for Morsel, who has apparently gone out of his way for her.

Panel 5: Very funny. I can't believe Viv is encouraging her in this direction.