December 15th, 2005

Friday, December 16

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Well, Elly's "FUME" balloon is appropriately shaped. And she's so mad she's vibrating. Meanwhile, John looks as old as Grampa Jim. And in the color version, he's wearing orange pants.

Panel 2: And once again, April is the go-between for her parents. Must be a barrel of laughs. "Vac-attack": heh. And look at her shoulders and arms: she looks like He-Man.

Panel 3: Very strange pose from Elly. Did she strain her back with all that furious vacuuming?

Panel 4: Now that's GOT to be a shout-out to us. I think I'm actually becoming numb to Elly-butt shots. What was it Lynn said, anyway, about why she draws Elly the way she does? Boosts her own (LJ's) self-image? She must REALLY be in need of a boost lately.

In short, I cannot. flipping. believe it's taken five days to build up to this.