December 13th, 2005

Wednesday, December 14

Panel 1: ARGH!

Okay, so we're stuck with this, so let's analyze it. Perhaps Edgar sees the vacuum as the enemy because it removes the hairs he marked his territory with. Maybe he's paranoid: maybe he did a crime and now thinks Elly's collecting his DNA for evidence. Maybe he thinks the sweeper is a new pet, and he's jealous.

Panel 2: Oh my GOD!! I'd go ballistic too, if I was at eye level with that FREAKING GINORMOUS BUTT!

Panel 3: Why is Eddy suddenly calm, and why is Elly thinking instead of saying?

Panel 4: Oh, pets do the darndest things, don't they. :::Cookie bangs head repeatedly on desk:::

I know, I know: If we don't like it, we don't have to read. Certainly there's no onus on Lynn to make her strip more entertaining than Fred Basset. Seriously. I never read FB, but I know of it (well, okay, I've eyeballed it in dead-tree comics sections when I was traveling and read entire newspapers out of boredom). I was halfway expecting a random strip to be funnier than FOOB. This one wasn't...but it sure as hell wasn't any less funny.