December 12th, 2005

Tuesday, December 13

Panel 1: Aw, man, don't let it be a week of housework after all! I was going to predict that today would have April ask Elly why she was stressing about the housework, whereupon Elly would enumerate all the people who would be there for Christmas, with a significant pause after she named Liz, and April would jump into the breach and ask about Constable Morsel.

No such luck. Well, on with the strip!

Aha! Hidden agenda! It was all just a ploy to get Apes to do the vacuuming! I'm not sure how high up the stairs Elly is, but April being able to look over the banister may be an indication of normal height.

Panel 2: Huh; maybe she wasn't that far up, which means April's not supposed to be that tall. But what does Elly mean, in her thought balloon? I see the dog hair, but does Elly think that April's doing such a crappy job, it'll all have to be redone? Or does she not think she has the option of asking April to continue after she finishes the stairs?

And Elly's body is somewhat different. Still dumpy around the hips, but not nearly as big around, in general, as it has been recently. Also, I hate April's shirt. Why do Pattersons have absolutely no fashion sense?

Panel 3: So she goes and gets the hose for the central vac, and Edgar looks aghast. Guess Elly doesn't do housework very often! Ha ha ha.

Panel 4: Okay, this is beyond lame. "The dog is terrified of the vacuum" gags are lame and played-out enough, but to have them told instead of shown...!

(Actually, I remember a Sunday strip with that theme, years ago, that was rather amusing. Farley, not Edgar, so it was long ago, was following Elly around the house while she swept. He cowered around corners and behind doors the whole time, then when she unplugged with a "poit!", he advanced on the vacuum barrel and delared, "BOWOWOWOWOWF!" Funny. This? Not so much.)