December 5th, 2005

Tuesday, December 6

Panel 1: Acne treatment again. I'm so sick of jumping from subject to subject, never exploring any of them in depth. April has boobs and zits at the same time: amazing. And at least this time she's reading the instructions first. (For the acne treatment, not the boobs! I slay me!)

Panel 2: Ah, keep hands and hair away! Change of hairstyle on the horizon, perhaps? ETA: I just realized, though, that April is in a catch-22. She should get the bangs off her face to hasten the departure of the zits...but as long as the zits remain, she needs the bangs to hide them. ?????

Panel 3: So perhaps there's a dermatologist at John's medical group? Another morsel, maybe?

Panel 4: Oh, for crying out loud. Not even Jeremy Duncan, the most self-centered, entitled cartoon teen ever, would say that. He'd at least be witty enough to remark how seven days is long enough for another affliction to develop, or for Sara to break up with him, or something like that. Only a kindergartner reacts that way. But hey, that's how John and Elly treat her, so there you go.