November 29th, 2005

Wednesday, November 30

"Quotes": Five.

Panel 1: Oh, wow! Gonna do some learning for a change, not just teen drama! And who are those people lurking outside? Is this the same day, or the beginning of the next day?

Panel 2: What is wrong with that woman's arm? And is it possible that "theme" is in "quotes" because this is the first time she's "defined" it?

Panel 3: Another non-Patterson overbite.

Panel 4: Judging by the ?!! at the end of the statement, she must be one of those teachers who uses Dramatic Expression.

Panel 5: Why is everyone walking bowlegged?

So, RebeccaH has been dealt with, Shannon has been dismissed, and April has apparently decided to live with her zits. Short Attention Span Theater.