November 27th, 2005

Monday, November 28

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Well, major if you're 14; not so much if you've been in the biz for twenty years and that's still all you're doing. But Gerald sure is excited for Becky. No wonder April's upset. They say talent is a powerful aphrodisiac... And Becky looks almost as smug as a Patterson. Meanwhile, who is the nose in between Gerald and Becky?

Panel 2: That's Jeremy? Jeez, he looks about forty! And three gigs in a week? Is she going to drop out of school?

Panel 3: Hm. I don't detect any sarcasm.

Panel 4: Okay, I still don't detect any sarcasm. But the stilted language bugs. "Become famous"? Realistically, she would say "be famous" or "get to be famous". Tossing in made-up slang doesn't make LJ sound any more like she has an ear for "talking teen". Plus, it doesn't fir in the balloon, forcing "become" to be split in half and nudging the question mark down to its own line.

And I wonder why Becky's radio looks exactly like April's notebook. And who that shadowed person is in the background. Shannon, perhaps, come to confront April and force her to decide then and there if she can put her social money where her sanctimonious mouth is?