November 24th, 2005

Friday, November 25

Apology in advance: I've had quite a bit of wine, so by all means bring any inconsistencies or incoherence to my attention.

Panel 1: So what is this? When April said "library" she really meant "smooching with Gerald"? Or is he so possessive that he has to know where Apes is at all times? And how long have she and Shannon been in here, that he's had time to "look all over"? Or is he going to turn out to have more of a Becky attitude than a Patterson attitude towards Shannon?

Also, something I wondered about earlier. At my school, no one was supposed to be in the hallways except during the passing periods between classes, and you pretty much had to be scheduled or have permission to be wherever you were. By the time you were a senior, of course, you were adept at making your own schedule, but freshmen had to learn the rules before they could find the loopholes. For that matter, I wonder why there's no one else, student or teacher, in this room. Lynn is acting like this is a college campus.

Panel 2: Well, this must make Shannon feel like a million bucks. Still, I prefer this to what I'd speculated about: April acting all sympathetic towards Shannon spilling her guts about how rejection is so hurtful and unfair, and agreeing, and putting down everyone else who can't see SN kids for what they really are. Which I never would have believed. This, at least, is plausible.

Panel 3-4: Oh, MAN. Whatta dick. But of course, this is Becky II: someone recoiling from Shannon so we admire April more for tolerating her, and appreciate Shannon more for being a surprise package no one opens. Anyway, even if April is only patronizing Shannon, it's still her choice. Wonder if she'll be okay with Gerald dictating to her who she can hang out with? In fact, maybe we're coming full circle. It's been noted before that it's surprising April hooked up with Gerald the day after he was rude to Becky, who was officially April's BFF at the time. Perhaps, two years older and wiser (I mean, she's practically an adult now, right: :p) she'll finally see him for the boor he is.

And what's up with April's face in panel 4? I mean, besides the zit. She basically has no features below her eyes.

P.S. Someone on r.a.c.s. linked to this sound clip of Lynn and Stephanie.