November 23rd, 2005

Thursday, November 24

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Okay, on with the strip.

Ellipses: Fifteen.

Boobwatch: Shannon appears to have the semblance of a bosom in panel 1. April, nothing. Strange that she's less endowed than Miss Special Needs.

Panel 1: Sigh. Read anything, like books? And apparently she's not on the net right now, so no predator.

Panel 2: Ah, so she is being read to. Well, as one poster pointed out, it is a way to learn. And heck, as long as she's absorbing information. ETA for betheliz: Cheerfully withdrawn!

Panel 3: Now, is April actually going to send an email, or is this just speculation to get Shannon's hopes up?

Panel 4: Well, one thing about Shannon; she may have a lot of ellipses between words, but she doesn't otherwise mince them. Meanwhile, April has a very odd-looking mouth, like she's a cherub. ETA: Although it occurs to me now, wouldn't Shannon have friends among the other special-needs kids? I mean, I know having that in common doesn't necessarily mean they would all be soulmates, but it's not like she's an island.