November 20th, 2005

Sunday, November 20

Hi, all! Sorry I'm so late. Now here's a funny thing. It took being a bit tipsy, for the first time in ages, to get me to notice that for the past three days, I've had the wrong day of the week on the daily entries! I had the right date every time, but I was calling Saturday Friday and Friday Thursday, and so forth. I've fixed them now, though.

Okay, on to the strip. Cookie Monster says panel 1 has the most "womanly" pose he's seen April have. I agree, and I'll also note that she has a very shapely butt, rather than the Yard-Wide Patterson Caboose.

As for the rest of the strip...I dunno. I guess it's sweet. At least it's not Grampa losing his marbles or Mike ignoring his kids.

Monday, November 21

Boobwatch: Zilch. For a second, I thought I saw a slight suggestion in the last panel, then I realized part of her blouse was in shadow.

Panel 1: Ooooooh! Evil!Becky! April, don't say "um", for gossakes! And I'm still wondering how you were able to "take a later bus". And your hair looks like the 1940s, as if it's in a snood.

Panel 2: "Beeswax"? Jeez, you really are from the forties! Anyway, why are you so defensive? Oh right: it's Becky doing the asking, and she's evil.

Panel 3: BWAH! This is why I only read one panel at a time! But heck, "anymore"? I don't believe people have said "none of your beeswax" in these kids' lifetime!

Panel 4: Crimeny. April looks like she just dropped a load in her drawers.

Panel 5: Such a sad little face. Perhaps she's sad because she was out-punned. As it is, that is no punchline at all.