November 18th, 2005

Saturday, November 19

Panel 1: Well, there you go! With the bangs down, only one unspeakably horrific zit is visible!

But what the heck is she talking about? She stayed home in the morning, but there's a bus she can take to get there in the afternoon? A city bus? Can she just waltz into school late? Did John write a medical excuse for her?

Panel 2: See, you could have calmed down and done this in the first place.

Panel 3: Disappearing boobs again.

Panel 4: And the exact same gag that was used for Liz when she was this age, or a little older. Well, the sentence was reversed, but the meaning was the same. And what's up with that guy's face, I wonder? Mushroom cap nose and a mouth like the grille on a '54 Pontiac!