November 16th, 2005

Thursday, November 17

Panel 1: Okay, I don't see any spots. Can it have been a miracle? One would think there'd at least be some patches. (I remember acne medications having a drying effect, esp. if I used a lot.) The bed looks a bit odd, though: just a blanket, when previously, April always had a patterned comforter of some sort.

Panel 2: Well, keeping the face hidden might be effective, if we hadn't seen the whole right side of her face in the previous panel. Motion lines all over the place; very forboding. And why does she have a framed white square on her wall? Is she into Franz Kline all of a sudden? For that matter, what is she wearing? The top looks like what she slept in; are those warmup pants, or did she put on jeans before going to wash her face? And if she did put jeans on, why not a clean shirt?

Panel 3: Again with the vigorous scrubbing. And you're right: she's got the Patterson Wide Beam!

Panel 4: Sigh. I bet if she read the fine print on the product, it said nothing about overnight results. The spots have probably receded somewhat, and will continue to do so with further application, but that wouldn't be enough for Miss Instant Gratification. "Unspeakable horror", my ass. (Wasn't that on a double bill with The Crawling Eye?)

Panel 5: Oh man. I think it's really going to happen: everything will have to be put on hold for April's complexion complex. And why is the teddy bear brown in this panel, when it was white in the first one?