November 15th, 2005

Wednesday, November 16

Panel 1: Okay, something is really going on here. This is not an outbreak of teenage acne. This is one of the twelve plagues of Egypt. If I'm to believe this is really happening -- that a 14 y/o goes from clear skin to this in about 36 hours -- then I have to think that it's Kaposi's Sarcoma or something deadly.

Panel 2: Clutching her breasts again: how melodramatic. And is this supposed to be the result of picking, or of washing too vigorously? If the former, well, I've read the comments here about squeezing zits, and will add one of my own: If you immediately put an antiseptic bandage over the afflicted area, the redness and swelling will be gone shortly. You just have to WAIT for results.

I wonder if perhaps April is overreacting because she's always gotten instant gratification in everything, both from technology and from her coddling family. She's never really had to work for anything. Cold, I know, but I've long thought that about her; remember how stubborn she was about practicing when she first started learning guitar?

Panel 3: As my mom would say, "When all else fails, read the directions!"

Panel 4: Onomatopeia! Haven't seen that in a while! But..."doob"? ;)

Panel 5: Probably using too much of it. And it's probably not supposed to produce overnight results: more likely over a period of days. But perhaps we're seeing the shadow of April's new hairstyle. (And in that nightgown, she looks like a doll I used to have.)

nothing to see here, move along...


I've mentioned before that I get so tired of seeing the same questions and incorrect assertions over an' over an' over. "Therese told Anthony that the baby wasn't his!" "Well, since April is going to a private school..." "Is Jesse an orphan?" Not so much here, but on other sites. So I created a FAQ.

It's kind of preaching to the choir, I know, since it's the people on the other sites who really need it, but at least I have something to link to! Anyone wants me to add anything, lemme know!