November 14th, 2005

Tuesday, November 15

Panel 1: Okay, no hat and sunglasses, but I can see from April's posture that she's hating to be here. Well, a lot depends on how loud Elly is, I suppose. I was never embarrassed in a drug store, per se, but I remember going to a variety store with my mom for hair coloring, and wanting to strangle her for her running commentary. "That's the kind that washes you want that, or do you want something permanent?...That's more for covering gray hair...Oh, that's Dark and Lovely, honey; that's for black people!...Your sister uses that one; maybe you should try it?" "I. CAN. READ, MOTHER! Why don't you let ME choose?!"

BTW, what are those Erlenmeyer-flask-looking things on the shelf in the foreground?

Panel 2: Crimeny, April! What do you do when you need feminine products? Or have the Lynnions forgotten that April is already in touch with the phases of the moon? They've certainly been acting lately as if she hasn't matured that much yet.

Panel 3: Don't hide your face, April! That'll just get more dirt in your pores! And who came up with the name "Wonder Whiff Candles"?

Panel 4: Car leaping in the air, as usual. And that is good advice. I wonder how much acne has increased, in people of all ages, since cell phones have become so prevalent? That might be one advantage to those ear-only phones. (Although I can see that leading to people never cleaning their ears of the wax that's sure to build up..."

Panel 5: I guess that's supposed to be ironic. But how else do you wash your face, for potato's sake? And can someone with better eyesight than mine read the product label?

Anecdote: When I was 15, I was a "companion" (she was too proud to call me her babysitter) to a 9 y/o girl. She was already starting to get acne, and decided to use the same complexion soap I did. Long story short, her mom had to tell her, "You're supposed to lather it up and wash with it...not just rub in into your skin!"