November 13th, 2005

Monday, November 14

"An'"s: Five. (Zheesh!) BDBs: All of them.

Panel 1: Wow. It's been a long time since April has sought physical contact with Elly! That said, perhaps she shouldn't be putting her whole weight on someone who's ironing. And I wish they weren't making her hair look like ass as well, and giving her that anguished facial expression, to underscore the message that acne ruins! your! life!

Panel 2: Elly's mouth is open, but she's not talking, and April appears to be clutching her own breasts for comfort. And why do freshly ironed clothes in the FOOBiverse always have steam rising from them? If a shirt gets that warm, it's probably scorched, for cryin' out loud.

Panel 3: My god, April! It's not cancer! It's not AIDS! It's not even the heartbreak of psoriasis! And what is the difference between you saying "zits" and Elly saying "acne"? This whole crisis seems so manufactured. And probably was, just so the Lynnions could finally give an example of these (heretofore phantom) April histrionics.

Panel 4: Is April a contortionist all of a sudden? Edgar looks like he's stalking her. And I wonder if she'll wear the same sailor hat and sunglasses she wore on the drive up to Liz's graduation, on the grounds that if she makes herself totally conspicuous, no one will notice her. Because she'll never live down the humiliation of being seen buying ACNE MEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!