November 10th, 2005

Friday, November 11

Sorry I'm so late, guys!

Panel 1: Hi, Duncan! Now, please tell me that you're just being Mr. Exposition, okay, and not asking about that girl because you're interested in her for the sole reason that she is b-l-a-c-k? Beyond that, April, grow up. She's "cool", not "really nice". And just out of curiosity, what's nice about her beyond the fact that she tossed you all those compliments?

Panel 2: Oh, no.

Panel 3: ...I don't even feel like commenting on the rest of the strip.

ETA: Okay, I got a second wind. Well, the usual pun ("Face" zits! Get it? Sticky-outy tongue!), plus it's odd how April's bangs magically disappear to reveal the constellation on her forehead. Almost as if they really are there, but we're being treated to a cutaway view that the people in the strip wouldn't see. And the person next to her looks really, really old. Lately, it seems that either Lynn or the Lynnions have a hard time drawing realistic-looking teenagers, apart from the characters who are already established and only have to be aged.