November 7th, 2005

Tuesday, November 8

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Ack! It's true: in sillhouette Connie looks exactly like Jim!

And yes, Connie has it right. When Liz was a teenager, Miss Edwards was her confidant, which Elly took rather hard. But she mostly likes to keep her business to herself, which is no easy matter with April as a sibling. And it's great to hear Elly finally admit that the drives up to Mtiggertoo are for the purpose of interrogating Liz.

Panel 2: Wait -- Liz is still in touch with Warren? The last time he was mentioned in the strip, Liz turned the radio to loud C/W to avoid the subject entirely. And she knows guys in Spruce Narrows? Methinks all that is just window dressing to get Elly off her case. But how does Connie know that Anthony is anything at all to Liz?

Panel 3: Yes, Liz should stay away from Anthony! The situation may be complicated on his end, but for Liz, it's very simple: Not Her Problem. And how about Liz being happy, period, not, as someone said earlier, being less-than without a man?

Panel 4: Connie, you are a product of your generation. Marriage is essential because it produces babies. I'm reminded of all the women from the generation between mine and Connie's who sarcastically claimed that they wouldn't be able to go out for their thirtieth birthday, because they hadn't yet conceived, and it would be most embarrassing to have their biological clock go off in public.

Panel 5: But that is good advice, on the face of it anyway. Let Liz live her life, and accept her with or without a husband, with or without babies. Though from Elly's expression, that doesn't look likely to happen.