November 6th, 2005

Monday, November 7

Panel 1: Aw, maaaaaaaaaaan! I wanted to see Liz and Morsel walking home together! This tell-about-it-after-it's-happened device is LAME!

Yes, that's Connie, not John. Wonder why she's here instead of him? To further underscore John's total indifference to his older daughter?

Anyway, I'm unclear on this. Liz thanks Elly for planting losing her sunglasses, but then she goes on to describe Morsel? I can understand supplying the name, since Elly couldn't remember the name of "the nice young officer," but why does Liz think she needs to be informed that he IS an officer, when she already met him?

Panel 2: Smug, closed-eyes Patterson look. And there you go: she knows Elly met him. Just letting mom know that she made the right choice and he is "a really nice guy"? Still, how often DO spinsters young single women like the men their mothers pick for them? It may be noteworthy in this case.

Panel 3: Ah, so that's where the telescope came from! But I wonder when he sent or gave it to her. ETA: But can't she thank him herself? Or does Iris read his mail, too? And meanwhile, all that stuff about her students is just filler, right? And what's making Connie choke on her tea?

Panel 4: Now why does Elly look disapproving all of a sudden? Does she think Liz overshot the mark and went ahead and slept with Morsel the first night, instead of putting off the hand-holding for a whole year?

It should have taken some time for Elly to have received the sunglasses. So unless we get Liz's flashback of having seen Morsel the day after the stargazing, we'll either leave this storyline and go back to Mike or April, OR tomorrow's strip will have flashed forward to a phone convo with Morsel, or maybe even a second visit. Well, it does have to be paced very carefully, if the strip is to end with Liz's wedding.