November 3rd, 2005

Friday, November 4

Panel 1: Ah, the inevitable recap for the benefit of the people who would otherwise say, "Who is this guy? I don't remember him! I'm so old, I've already forgotten the sequence SIX WEEKS AGO when he was introduced!"

"Detachment"? I never heard that term before. I love how Liz has to tilt her head backwards to look up at him, even though he's not noticeably taller than she is. And it appears that the mother and child at the coffee table have their ears open!

And yeah, I don't doubt that you "remember" that Elly said her daughter was in Mtwiki. You've probably "remembered" every night, and in the shower, and...

Panel 2: AAAH! Make the man with the big scary face go away! "And, I, uh...well, uh...I thought I'd...uh..." I suppose it makes me a terrible, insensitive person, but I was never turned on by awkward stammering. I know it's supposed to mean that he's a Nice Guy that you shouldn't be afraid of, but to me, this approach always made me feel like the guy was nervous because he did have something to hide.

And seriously, why do characters keep tilting their heads like this? It always makes them look, to me at least, like they're singing!

Panel 3: Whoa, first name basis already! And yeah, it was really nice of him to stalk her go out of his way like this, rather than, oh, I don't know, CALL Mtig and ask for her mom's address? Still, good for her that she's avoiding the "OMG, I didn't even offer him coffee!" dilemma.

Panel 4: Oh brother. Again, he could have gotten her phone number already! Especially if he's "been to Mtigwaki", although that must have been a while ago, if she's never seen him before. But who am I kidding: we all know Liz is practically dried up, and at this point, she'd probably give her phone number to Leatherface.