November 2nd, 2005

Thursday, November 3

Panel 1: Okay, it looks like they've got their stuff together. A table for the coffee dispenser, and I assume a hot choc dispenser as well, and all the supplies. The steam sure is rising high from that coffee, too! However, how is it that it never occured to Gary that a school outing could be all fun an' stuff? And Liz looks so cute in her fur-lined hood...just right for meeting a mysterious stranger...

Panel 2: Aahhhh...THUD...

I honestly didn't think it would happen so abruptly. I'd gotten to the point where I was making speculations for form's sake. I thought we had the proverbial watched pot.

Anyway. We get to see Liz's reaction before we see him, and at least Lynn didn't mug it up by having him appear entirely in silhouette. Now she'll probably think she was supposed to get a permit, or something like that, and there will be much charming blushing and stammering on both sides.

But what I wonder is, who's "they" who told him she'd be there, if everyone's at the stargazing? Oh wait: Marg said almost everyone. Who does that leave, though?

Panel 3: Oh brother. Stammering, all right. And doesn't it look oddly as if he's presenting...something else?

Panel 4: Eh...He's not drawn very well, at least in this panel. In fact, he looks kind of goofy. Liz looks almost like Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, though. Those spex look awfully hip for Elly, too, but perhaps she got a new pair to go with the 'Asse. And now I've got "Sunglasses at Night" running through my head.

All together now...AWWWWWWWWWW! [hearts hearts hearts]