October 27th, 2005

Friday, October 28

Panel 1: Whoa! Looks like Liz got a bit rumpled during this exercise! Her sweater is rumpled at the bottom, and her hair has come loose from the bun a bit! So probably this will be when Morsel shows up, prompting her to think, "OMG, my hair!"

Panel 2: Another dramatic pose. They could very well be looking up at a hostile spaceship, with Liz telling Ellen not to panic. Even the background looks like they're on a hillside, with the sky turning an unnatural color.

Panel 3: Calm down, Liz; Morsel's not here yet. One exclamation point will do.

Panels 4-5: Okay, another Miss Edwards flashback. Once, the class was doing a lab that involved solutions of salt water and sugar water. The students bombarded her with questions and complaints -- "I spilled mine; can I start over?" "Yuck! Tastes terrible!" "What's an ion?" and finally she responded to "What's 'saturation point'?" with "Saturation point is when you absolutely can't take any more!"

"Cool." "Right." "I knew that."

I've long since accepted Lynn working backwards from the punch line, but it could have been one of the students being "lost", not Liz. This should not. be. so. difficult for her.