October 26th, 2005

Thursday, October 27

Panel 1: Sigh. Another straight-line building. Though I like the bike parked quaintly against the wall, and the eddy of wind on the ground. (At least, I think it's wind. Is it snowing already in Mtinkywinky?)

Panel 2: Well, now we know why Liz always wears pants!

Panel 3: OMG! Liz is addressing another student! By name, even! ETA: And I just now noticed more of that awkward, stilted phrasing. "I then want you to notice..." ??? Who doesn't say "THEN I want you to notice..."?

Panel 4: Again, why does she have to look so flabbergasted?! Can't she be more like Mr. Garrison? "Mr. Garrison, why do poor people smell like sour milk?" "I don't know, Eric; they just do!" Or even "Well, Kyle, NO! You hear me? You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!"

And I also remember a strip with Miss Edwards. She was drawing on the blackboard, when suddenly a paper airplane crashed into it. With narrowed eyes, she turned around and thanked the miscreant for volunteering to write a paper on the principles of flight. To herself, as she resumed writing, "Oh, how I could teach...if I didn't have to discipline!" Liz just does not have the upper hand in her classroom.