October 24th, 2005

Tuesday, October 25

Panel 1: Okay, so she came up with something. Great! Good for her.

Panel 2: Oh, I get it: she's singing! She's the call, and the talk-balloons from the students are the response.

Panel 3: That's kind of odd, that her first word is in a balloon, and the rest of her speech is freestanding.

Panel 4: I saw that coming; I really did. And "barf"? That's not only an outdated term, it was a kids' word when it was current. Grow. Up. Liz! ETA: And stop looking like a man in drag. Wide shoulders and what appears to be a brush cut...You don't want Officer Morsel to see you like that, now do you?

Anyway, I wonder if we'll see this play out, or if tomorrow's strip will have Liz back at her house, cuddling Shiimsa or having tea with Viv and talking about how neat it was to see the kids get all excited.