October 23rd, 2005

Monday, October 24

Panel 1: All right, a Lizardbreath sequence! Officer Morsel appearing in 5...4...3...

Panel 2: Is that her house, or her office? And hey, if she needs new, creative, innovative ideas, why doesn't she call her brother? Hee! I kill me.

Panel 3: Well, that is a good question. Me, I don't understand how one teacher can hold the attention of any classroom full of kids, even if they're all the same age and level of development. And reconciling hyperactive 7 y/os with sullen 13 y/os? The mind wobbles.

Panel 4: Although I will say, she should just resolve to come up with something; the students won't know what it could or should have been. And potentially "freaking out in front of the whole class"? Liz, you're an adult. You REALLY need to get a grip. (Or laid. Which I'm sure will be taken care of soon.)

Panel 5: Whoa. Elly used to look very much like that. ETA: What are those motion lines for?

But there the resemblance ends. Although, back in the '80s, Elly was prone to self-doubt, she never let it get the better of her. Nowadays, both she and Liz are constantly portrayed as emotionally frayed and unable to pull themselves together. Perhaps that's because the "I Am Woooooooman" era is so far in the past, and now we're in the era of "I have a dysfunction! I can't be expected to cope!"?