October 20th, 2005

Friday, October 21

Panel 1: See, Weed gets it! Dreams are free, la de da, but they're just that: dreams. And Mike is going to bring John into it? Now how badly will that complicate things?

Panel 2: That's what I wanna know! What we ALL wanna know! And parenthetically, if Weed really is supposed to be Aaron Johnston, I'm not sure if he should be pleased or insulted. Good characterization, but the visual...AAAAACKKK!!!

Panel 3: Well, anybody can think about it. Lucy: "Just think about it a minute before you say no!" Ricky: "Okay...No!"

Panel 4: WOOHOO! YEAH! Sistahs! Seriously, I about fell off my chair, seeing that! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?