October 18th, 2005

Wednesday, October 19

Panel 1: Oh, how immature. Like a grade-schooler who just found out that their enemy got detention. It's not like this leaves the Kelpfroths up a creek or anything; it's just a reason to rejoice. And is that Mike or Deanna? Meanwhile, why "maybe not"?

Panel 2: Well, I was about to say that I should have known it was Mike, based on how Merrie was trying to get his attention. But on closer inspection, I see their fingertips are touching*. So that's sweet. Anyway, so she's charged them with smoking on the property. Over at r.a.c.s., they're discussing whether or not that's a basis for eviction. And they get to appeal? Well, thank heavens!

Panel 3: "Butt out"...Heh! Now if only Mike would "butt out". See? That phrase works two ways [snerk]! And yes, the law IS on their side. How unfortunate.

Panel 4: What the heck? Is Merrie drinking coffee now, or tea or whatever that is? In any case, if it's still hot, she shouldn't be walking away with it. And how cheap is cheap, considering that the Pattersons are totally destitute?

Panel 5: Dreams are free. Now what the bloody hell is that supposed to mean. Reminds me of one of Sally's book reports in "Peanuts". "Butterflies are free. This means that you can have as many of them as you want." Wonder if Mike an' Dee are going to flutter into being landlords. In which case, they will have ultimate power over the K's. And my head will cave in.

*Many, many years ago, there was a FBOFW strip (before it became FOOB) in which Elly and Anne were chatting over the backyard fence. Anne had a baby in her arms, I THINK Baby Leah, or maybe she wasn't born yet, in which case it would have been Richard. Anyway, the point is, one panel showed the baby reaching towards Elly, palm out, and the next had Elly placing her palm against the baby's. Nothing at all to do with the dialogue; just a sweet little visual. I thought it was really touching to see Elly giving the baby some attention just as a matter of course, with no martyrdom or fanfare. Catch her doing that today.