October 16th, 2005

Monday, October 17

Panel 1: Well, I'll be! Perhaps we'll actually get some closure on this! But can you tell the difference between Mike and Elly at this distance? I can't.

Panel 2: Melville's holding the paper like he's going to smack Mike's nose with it. And somehow I sense that Mr. K is going to be portrayed as all bark, no bite, given the way he's leading in to this.

Panel 3: Good GOD! He looks like Robert Blake in "Lost Highway"! And isn't that excerpt hilarious?

Panel 4: You know, morphing is clever when Robb Armstrong does it in "Jump Start". Not so much when Lynn changes a character's appearance after they've been established, much less halfway through a strip. And I can't decide if Mike should get the smirk slapped off his face, or a foot in his cute little bubble butt.

At any rate, I predict that this will come down to a simple matter of the K's having to learn to live with their horrible, anti-social selves. I would ask why this is happening now, after Lovey's visit, but I daresay it's taken this long for Mike to appear in the hallway during daylight hours.