October 14th, 2005

Saturday, October 15

Sorry I'm late, y'all! Friday night, an' all that. But before I get started, I'd like to share something that occured to me today. Is it possible that Deanna's current status -- virtual single mom -- is just what she gets for oopsing Mike? Not saying it is definitely; just wondering what you guys think.

Okay, on to the strip!

Panel 1: Ah, so we're getting some numbers crunched! Now we'll get the lowdown on how much they make, plus confirmation that Deanna is working, full time no less.

Panel 2: What an extremely odd expression on Deanna. There is something so fishlike about her. (And yet Mike's the one who got hooked! Sticky-outy tongue! I kill me.) Anyway, so there you have it: rent, groceries and daycare, and presumably Deanna's pharma salary takes care of utilities, clothing, and lemon zesters and balls of yarn. (Now, how is it again that they don't have enough money to make it worth suing them?)

Panel 3: Mike looks absolutely furious! Quit his job?! But...but then he wouldn't be able to martyr himself! And help me out: I've lost track of whose idea this was supposed to be.

Panel 4: And now he looks all scared. Mommy! And what is going on with his arm there? It looks like it comes out of his neck.

Panel 5: Good lord. Is Deanna cracking up at her own wit? Or is she simulating drowning? And why does Mike have Abe Lincoln chin all of a sudden?

ETA: Props to belphoebe at r.a.c.s. (I forget who that is over here) for her(?) excellent posts in the current FOOB thread! Your contributions of info from the monthly retcons was invaluable in keeping the discussion from sliding into a wallow of pity for poor overworked Mike!