October 10th, 2005

Tuesday, October 11

Before the strip goes up, I'll just take a moment to thank you all for replying, urge n_j to repost that "Edgewise", and also thank her for tipping me to the Everyday Etiquette section of Etiquette Hell. Previously, I'd only read the wedding anecdotes, but the neighbor stories are sticky-outy tongue hilarious! (Actually, I'm a bit ticked at EH, because I submitted what I thought was an entertaining wedding anecdote, and they never posted it! I even resubmitted it when I realized it had been a couple of years and it still wasn't up. How come Mike is published everywhere in Ontario and I can't even get an anecdote posted on EH? :::pout:::)

Not up yet. Well, any minute now...Okay, here we go.

Panel 1: Is Winnie smoking a cigar? And man, I hope this isn't going to be some Little House-style karma, wherein the K's prove their horribleness by turning against each other.

Panel 2: Ah, the old veiled profanity. And it looks as if Lynn's crew had discussions about libel similar to ours. Plus, another reminder that the Pattersons Redux are sooooo pooooor. And Winnie's arm looks ridiculous: way too skinny, apparently latex, to bend like that, and outlined in white so you can see it's there to begin with.

Panel 3: Oh brother. Look at eeeeeevil, vindictive Melville. So the K's are going to harass Mike an' Dee right out of the building and back to the ol' homestead? And look on top of the fridge! The K's are so trashy, they drink intoxicatin' likkah!

Panel 4: Oh MAN. THAT'S an example of Mike's platinum wit?

Overall, whoever drew this is going WAY overboard with the ugly = evil visuals. Margaret Hamilton didn't look as bad in the W of O as Winnie does here. And Melville was banging that broom so hard, he not only knocked plaster out of the ceiling, he knocked all the hair off his head.