October 5th, 2005

Thursday, October 6

Panel 1: Does that mean that the drum is a steady one-two rhythm? Because that's the only way it can be compared to a heartbeat. Anyway, I wouldn't say that something that can be heard for miles in all directions is necessarily like a heartbeat. Unless you're in that giant model of a heart they have at the Franklin Institute in Philly, and probably other science centers as well.

Panel 2: Aw, shoot, the sacred fire is in an open pavilion. So no shots of a towel-clad Liz in the sweat lodge. On the bright side, no such shots of Elly either.

Panel 3: More rising smoke. I'm sensing a theme here. Maybe Elly got a buzz from it all?

Panel 4: Whoa. Now, bearing in mind that we're talking about Elly's mother, and not Lynn's IRL mother, that's actually rather touching. ETA: Actually, yeah, I see what you mean, gryphonmage. Why does Liz look like that, though?