October 4th, 2005

Wednesday, October 5

Panel 1: Again, we're being told that everyone was amenable to answering question. And in real life, they probably would be. But come on. Elly can't really have thought something was plastic. And I hate the hand-over-mouth schoolgirl laugh that Liz does almost as much as the sticky-outy tongue. Whatever happened to drawing a mouth that's something other than a triangle or parabola?

Panel 2: Well, that is a good drawing.

Panel 3: You know, Judeo-Christian clergy are generally expected to have heard a "call" as well as having made a conscious decision. But of course, if it's Native, it's more spiritual than thou.

Panel 4: And we've got a they're-just-like-us indicator coupled with a potty joke. Oh, my sides.

Actually, that last bit reminds me of a bit I saw on a TV show that also made light of religious costumery clashing with physical need (and DID get a laugh from me). Many years ago, I saw a show called "Have Faith", about a group of priests (or were they monks?). It was sweetly charming, although I could see why it had a limited run. Anyway, one morning the boy soprano, who was a mischevious little scamp, rather like Jesse, was late for the services. When the monsignor asked him why, he held out his arms, the better to display his pretty, lacy choir robe and demanded, "Have you ever tried riding the subway in THIS?" It was all in his delivery. Which may be the problem here: we can't hear the narration.

(I feel compelled to share mildly funny anecdotes to keep everyone's spirits up. Hope it helps.)