October 3rd, 2005

Tuesday, October 4

Panel 1: Well, I am glad that Elly thought to ask permission to take photos, and that she acknowledged that it was kind of them to pose.

Panel 2: Though I can't help thinking of a line from the long-gone sitcom "Get a Life": "I told you no good would come of being photographed!" Anyway, yeah, I would imagine each outfit was unique to the wearer; they weren't bought off the rack.

Panel 3: Tears from his mouth?

Panel 4: I think right now those eyes are saying, "Great; another condescending southerner." ETA: And there's, another misplaced, comma.

BTW, Cookie Monster just called up to me, "I guess Lynn never heard of on-the-nose writing...Well, that's about as preachy as it gets."