September 30th, 2005

October letters

Yikes, 42 comments already! I might not have anything original to add!

Elly: Okay, trees. She was too early for the fall foliage, but most of them had turned? And what an overly dramatic description. That is definitely old-people talk. And WTF: "but I most of them had turned"? Are we to assume she was writing before coffee?

So, April in high school. Okay, first of all, she's been acting like a teenager since she was ten, so what's the big surprise you're waiting for. And she's more emotional than Liz? GMAFB. Liz was a drama queen as a teenager. And nice shout-out to us, saying that "we never know from one day to the next whether she's in the band or not". And the usual paranoia about meeting "the wrong people". Because of course, any behavior you don't like is due to some OTHER kid's influence. And gee, she wonders if anyone has ever done a psychological study on high school kids? M'dear, I'm sure there's at least one book on the subject IN YOUR STORE.

And more praise for Liz's pastoral rural existence; more criticism of Toronto (grrr...) and interestingly, a fear of dying alone and unremarked. And OMG, last night, SpinsterLiz on Crown Princess who more or less predicted this remark: "when it comes to cleaning, I feel like I'm looking after a Holiday Inn - and it's no holiday!" And I loooooove the foreshadowing about Mike 'n' Dee.

John: One paragraph in, and already a pointless pun. But whoa, he's actually learned something from that Hallowe'en incident! I'm actually impressed!

What's a soffit? And "sealed the hold"? Doesn't he mean "hole"?

And awwwww, he's broken up with April. Well, at least he'll always have the memories. And I'm sorry to say, I don't see her being sullen or consumed with self. It just kills me that when she was REALLY being a brat, John didn't bat an eyelash, and now that she's become St. April, he thinks she's a hellbeast. Furthermore, "crisis in itself" is redundant.

And there is NO NEED to put "quotes" around "what the heck do I want to do with the rest of my life"!!!! And since when is his hair gray? And how could he not have realized that Ted considered him a close friend! Jeesh! He's not just oblivious with his family, he's oblivious with everyone. And no, the Peanuts reference does not redeem him. And of course, more foreshadowing about the house.

Liz: More info about Howard. You know, even when Kortney was fired offscreen, at least there was a strip wherein Moira gave Elly a rundown of the evidence against her, as well as a couple of strips with Elly's reaction. So anyone who doesn't read the monthly retcons is to assume that Howard was vanquished for all time after getting his ear twisted by Granthony.

April: "What grows around comes around". Oh dear lord, she's got the pun gene too. And I wonder if the Jeremy mention is foreshadowing?

Mike: Pages undulated, stuck together and changed color? What exactly was he doing in that attic? And please explain to me how it is that he spends no time with his kids, yet they're so all-consuming that it's haaaaard for him to think of other things to talk about when he's with a childless couple. And yet MORE foreshadowing about the ol' homestead.

Deanna: Why doesn't she just say "I have no identity" and leave it at that. Although I am glad to see that she's trying to teach Merrie how to behave in public. (Not that Merrie is out of control or anything; just that you DO have to start early instilling acceptable behavior.)

Grampa Iris: Good grief, I thought "little plot in the community garden" meant her friend had died! I had to reread it to figure out why she was looking forward to the morning! Anyone plan on making those cookie bars?

Pets: "I think Liz needs another cat." I think Liz needs...something else. (Oddly enough, there's been no mention of Constable Wright.)