September 29th, 2005

Friday, September 30

Sigh. I'm not going to go panel by panel. Just a few random thoughts:

--More passive voice. :::tears hair out:::

--Again, it's so noteworthy that "these young people wear outfits made of rich colored fabrics". Just like, say, hockey fans wear long-sleeved, waffle-weave shirts known as "jerseys".

--I checked the collections, and yes, this narrative style was used (eek! passive voice again) when Mike and Weed went to Ireland, and also when Deanna sent a letter from Honduras.

--Well, I've heard that explanation for crop circles. But I almost feel like believing they ARE made by aliens, just to be contrary to Lynn.

--Also, a few years ago, April returned from summer camp, where she'd been learning about First Nations people. She asked Grampa "why don't we have traditional dances and costumes...What do we have that makes us truly Canadian?" His initial reply was "Eh?", then he donned a variety of hats to demonstrate:

"The line-up at Tim Horton's for coffee and donuts" [stop shuffle stop shuffle stop...tap tap tap]

"The swatting of flies while trying to start an outboard motor"


"The Frostbite Fandango, to the accompaniment of guitar, bucksaw and spoons" [arms folded and knees knocking]

Ah, once upon a time, when the strip was funny.

ETA: You know, we might be in for ANOTHER week of this. It's still daylight in today's strip, and I get the impression that the gathering is going to go on for hours. Lynn might be just warming up.