September 28th, 2005

Thursday, September 29

Panel 1: That looks like a white guy with the skillet. And see how excited Elly gets at the prospect of food!

Panel 2: It's too tiny: I can't see what those guys are doing. That configuration always makes me think "poker", but it looks like they have something other than playing cards. Spirit sticks? Peace pipes?

Panel 3: Is that war bonnet authentic? I'm not being snippy; rather, I've become conditioned to think that anything that was presented as authentic Native when I was a kid, or earlier, really isn't.

Panel 4: And more they're-just-like-us propaganda. Technology, slang, and junk food.

katje, I really think you nailed it when you said that about Lynn justifying the time she spent creating Mtwhooha. (Props to you for that, as well!)