September 27th, 2005

Tuesday, September 27

Hi, all! Yes, I'm okay; just my ISP went down. Thanks for your concern! As for the strip, there's not much to comment on. So apart from "Oh wow, another scat joke, and Elly is sooooo amused", I'll just let your comments stand. ETA: Oh, and Jesse's sticky-outy tongue. I missed that until I saw your blog, ellcee! ETAAgain: Oh no wait: another observation (if no one's made it already): In panel 3, why is Elly looking up and around for "signs" of bears? Does she think they'll be POSTED? Hanging from the trees, maybe?

Wednesday, September 28

Okay, so now I'm on time, and the strip is late!...Okay, here it is.

Panel 1: More of that straight-edge drawing. Do cumulonimbus (correct me if I'm wrong) clouds ever have perfectly flat bases?

Panel 2: I don't like the look of that solid-black, trench-coat-wearing figure heading towards the picnickers.

Panel 3: Well...that's actually impressive. Except, what IS the sacred fire?

Panel 4: ...I don't get it. I mean, I assume it's an ironic juxtaposition: even pure, noble Natives have money problems, but how does that tie in with the place-of-worship observation? They're going to pray for money? Charge admission to the circle? Or just hit Elly up for a donation?