September 21st, 2005

Thursday, September 22

Panel 1: Ah, twangy country music. That should keep Elly awake. BTW, whatever happened to the device of John being a huge C&W fan? I guess his train obsession pushed everything else aside. Meanwhile, I wonder if this "She left me...dang!" song is supposed to represent Anthony's POV?

Panel 2: Hey, at least you can get a signal out in BFE! And really, couldn't you have planned ahead and brought something yourself to listen to? Perhaps borrow a CD or cassette from that store you never work at?

Panel 3: Heh. So that's Canadian talk radio. Guess they don't have Paul Harvey up there.

Panel 4: Hilarious, El. Wasn't it silence that got you in your earlier predicament?

Since this was a nothing strip, I'll just share a few driving-and-listening tidbits:

---Buddy Holly is really good to listen to on a long drive. So is Cat Stevens.

---I'm so well-versed in urban legends, I can often predict what The Rest Of The Story is going to be about two minutes in.

---There's a station somewhere in the Midwest that plays old Fibber McGee and Molly and Bob and Ray shows. Those are also really good: easily as tight and well-paced as an episode of Frasier or Seinfeld. Even if I don't get all the references.

---I have a cassette (which I really should burn to a CD) of Annoying Songs that I use to stay awake. Achy-Breaky Heart, Wannabe, 500 Miles, Barbie Girl, Who Let The Dogs Out, and a bunch of others. It doesn't have to be good, just loud.