September 19th, 2005

Tuesday, September 20

Before I start, I'd like to briefly address the previous thread. soapygirl, I would have sent you an email, but I can't find your address. (I'm also running a slight fever right now, so if I offend anyone from here on in, chalk it up to that.) I thought I had this LJ set up so that only I could start threads, but either I did it wrong, or something happened yesterday when I had to reboot my computer.

At any rate, I don't want to be John about this, saying "My blog! Don't touch!". But the fact is, I just now pulled up my LJ and saw the thread, saw that there was a somewhat heated discussion going on that I knew nothing of and that I hadn't been monitoring, and also saw that someone was chiding the OP, thinking it was mine. It all took me by surprise, to say the least.

So in short, I'd like people to feel free to discuss anything they want on here, but I do need to be able to monitor everything. Which I can't do if other people are starting threads without my knowledge. If a subject needs to be discussed in enough depth that it requires its own thread, I'll open a new one, as I have in the past. Otherwise, it should be my call. (Also, if someone could tell me (again) how to set it up so others can't start threads, thanks in advance!)


Now, on to the strip!

Panel 1: More exposition for people who didn't read yesterday. No, it's not her daughter. It's actually a soap-opera actress whose headshot Elly carries around. She's living in a fantasy world, you see; all her children died in infancy. Terribly sad. And for further expo, we also get Liz's age. And I know I'm a nitpicker, but this is only her second year of teaching, plus a brief stint student-teaching. So it hasn't really been "a few" years.

Panels 2-3: What is this, an eHarmony profile? Next she'll say Liz loves long walks on the beach and dining by candlelight!

Panel 4: Huh? That's not even a pun! Unless the female officer is taking a dig at Morsel, implying that he's simple. And I seem to recall Eric having that facial expression a time or two, before he was exposed as a cad. At any rate, the suspense is killing me. Not.

(no subject)

I still can't get over how badly LJ mishandled Liz's sexually assult/going after/harassment storyline. I was thinking about it today when I was reading article about my school's rape counselor. She said that in the ten years she worked at my school she has never counseled a victim of rape who was attacked by a stranger. And yet so many people still assume that rape and other kinds of sexual assault only happen to women who walk alone at night.

I just find it so frustarting that Liz's story which could have been an eye opener to the fact that sexual assualt is most often perpetrated by coworkers, friends, acquaintences. Instead it was down played. Liz wasn't assualted she was only sexually harrased or just "went after" (whatever that means). We never see any resolution are told that Liz went to the police and somehow with very little evidence Howard got locked up and they threw away the key. And she went to a shrink a few times and now she's fine. Really she's fine! (does LJ realize that not everyone reads those stupid letters?) And worst of all was the fact that this whole scenario was just a stepping stone for Granthony to guilt Liz into breaking up his marriage.

Actually the worst thing is that LJ is complety clueless as to where she went wrong.