September 11th, 2005

Monday, September 12

Panel 1: Ah, another Tell Not Show! Elly had a great time in Mtwikipedia! Doing what, I wonder --- flapping her arms to the rhythm of the Native drums?

Panel 2: Well, does she have a choice? And if there's a chance she wouldn't be okay driving alone, perhaps that's something that should have been brought up before she drove you up (and dissed April in the process)?

Panel 3: What an odd pose on Liz! And let me guess --- Liz's taste in music won't coincide with Elly's taste. Either that, or she's going to give her some local band's recordings. The theme from the Hide the Button game or something.

Panel 4: Okay, so I guess this is Liz's stuff. But why would she give up her own CDs? One would think she'd hang onto everything she has, because the main reason for bringing it would be to combat winter boredom.

Panel 5: Ah, Elly. Good ol' Baby Boomer, Everything Went Downhill After My Generation Turned 30 Elly. But to be fair, I wouldn't push industrial music or whatever that is on my mom.

And FTR, my parents have a recording of Sousa marches they play when they absolutely have to stay awake on the road. Not because they looooove Sousa marches, but just because they're loud. The rest of the time, it's big band, show tunes, and books on tape. Like a lot of seniors. Zheesh.